The firm has served as counsel in a number of published decisions addressing important issues in fair housing, including the following: 


All files are in PDF format:


Meyer v. Holley

Holley v. Crank

Fair Housing Council v.

Giebeler v. M&B Associates

Harris v. Itzhaki

Gibson by Gibson v. County of Riverside

Gilligan v. Jamco Development Corp.

U.S. v. California Mobile Home Park Management Co.

Nevada Fair Housing Center v. Clark County

Garrett v. City of Escondido

Silver State Fair Housing Council, Inc. v. ERGS, Inc.

Fitzgerald v. Cassil

Gibson v. County of Riverside

Inland Mediation Board v. City of Pomona

Montana Fair Housing, Inc. v. American Capital Development, Inc.

Fair Housing Congress v. Weber

Fair Housing Council of Orange County, Inc. v. Ayers

Sisemore v. Master Financial

Blue House (Photograph by Bernard Kleina)